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Fat & The Moon

Lavendar & Cocoa Dry Shampoo

A dry shampoo so good it’s practically edible! Washing your hair every day isn’t good for your hair or scalp health, so a completely natural dry shampoo that also makes your hair look great gets a big thumbs up.

A little lavender essential oil promotes a healthy scalp, whilst cocoa adds a delicious smell and adds a little colour so your hair doesn’t look dull and powdery. The light brown colour will work with all hair shades, so fear not blondies! Be warned, the combination of lavender and chocolate may send you on a chocolate bar binge (we sell this too by the way!).

Tips for application: Dip a makeup brush into the powder and tap off the excess. Part your hair at its oiliest sections and apply the powder using the brush. Once you’ve applied the powder to your satisfaction, turn your head upside down and brush through.

Ingredients: Organic cocoa powder, organic arrowroot starch, kaolin clay, organic lavender essential oil.

Fat & The Moon founder Rachel Budde continues a family legacy of herbalists and natural healers. Like a witch over a cauldron, Budde experiments with age-old ingredients and recipes passed down from various healing traditions to craft innovatively simple products that are good for the body and the earth. She has built her company around providing handcrafted, herbal body care products to those seeking natural and effective alternatives to chemical-filled products.