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Traveler's Co

The Traveler's Company Traveler notebook is a robust and long lasting leather outer with a band system inside where you can add up to 3 different notebook styles. Designed to be carried with you on your daily travels, the premium leather ages beautifully and is designed to last a lifetime.

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Trolls Paper

Beautiful, minimal, and thoughtfully created. Trolls Paper are a Korean stationery brand making exceptional and eco-conscious stationery 'for creators.' They don't use any vinyl or plastic coating and minimise the application of ink printing to maximise the natural texture of the pulp in the board.

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MD Paper

MD-Paper is the high quality offshoot of Japanese stationery brand, Midori. MD Paper has a minimal aesthetic and epitomises the subtlety, elegance and simplicity of design of good stationery, concentrating on the quality of material over printed branding.

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Quality Japanese + Korean Stationery

USTUDIO stock some fantastic stationery from high-end British and European brands, as well as some truly lovely Japanese stationery. We are stationery fanatics and more than happy to share the results of our constant search for the finest stationery brands with you.

Whether you are searching for a notebook, journal, pen or pencil, our stationery selection has got you covered. A treasure trove for stationery-addicts everywhere with planners from Moleskine, multi-purpose notebooks-for-life from Traveler's Company, pens from Kaweco, pencils from Blackwing and so much more.