Bastille are a brand of true originality and quality.  As a niche perfume house, they work with the best and brightest perfumers to create beautiful and seductive scents that are unisex, modern and impudent.

    Bastille perfumes are natural and vegan, because your skin deserves better! Bastille create superb mixed fragrances with 95% natural ingredients, 5% clean synthetic ingredients, and above all, total transparency on all the ingredients.

    This is a small revolution in perfumery, since most perfume houses are reluctant to give away their secrets! However, Bastille stand for quality raw materials with an emphasis on natural rather than synthesised fragrance, which lends itself to fresh, modern and original scents.

    Bastille scents are genderfluid and appeal to men and women alike. There are some preferences across genders, but some men really love Pleine Lune which could be seen as a more feminine fragrance, with its seductive floral notes, and some women buy Bataille, a woody scent that could be seen as more masculine.

    Bastille use minimal packaging and absolutely no cellophane. Their perfumes are created in Paris, handcrafted in Grasse, and bottled in the Loire Valley. Even their packaging, made from recycled cardboard, is made in France so everything is kept as local as possible. Their bottles are made in Italy and decorated by a craftsman from Val-de-Marne in France.