L:A Bruket Organic Skincare from Sweden


    L:A Bruket

    Bringing Swedish Skincare to the UK

    Backed by their well-established natural skincare knowledge, Swedish wellbeing brand, L:A Bruket, have been developing organic and natural formulas that protect and nurture your skin and hair since 2008.

    They apply a modern mindset to age-old sea therapy practices, such as seaweed bathing, to create innovative contemporary treatments that use sustainably sourced ingredients.

    Natural and Organic

    Innovation Driven By nature

    From ethos to ingredients, nature plays a huge part in L:A Bruket's product development.

    To quote L:A Bruket founders Mats Johansson and Monica Kylén; “In Sweden, nature isn’t something you visit. It comes to you whenever you step outside. Sun, wind, rock and ice; salt, sand, mud and water. Elements in a tangle of continuous change. The harsh coastal conditions can weather our skin and hair, but rather than hiding from nature, we turn to it for inspiration and answers.”

    Reap the Rewards

    Healthy Skin and Hair

    L:A Bruket never compromise when it comes to ingredient purity, because they know that our skin and hair respond to natural molecules most effectively. Embracing the years of spa culture in their home town, they always look for the purest natural ingredients.

    The resulting products are defined by function and quality – made to be resilient in an unforgiving climate so that they can meet the demands of any situation, even the power of a storm on the Swedish coast!

    Home Scents

    Spiritual Inspiration

    To complement our range of L:A Bruket Swedish self-care we also stock their home fragrance range.

    Their candles are filled by hand in a mouth blown tinted amber glass using the finest organic soy wax with organic cotton wicks. The scented wax is also available as a refill so you can continuously recycle the amber glass vessels.

    L:A Bruket | FAQs

    The products are manufactured on Sweden's west coast by an experienced team with extensive knowledge and long experience of manufacturing natural and organic skin care that extends over generations.

    L:A Bruket have chosen to use recycled and recyclable PET bottles and cans (PCR-Post Consumer Recycled) of food quality for most of their range. A large glass bottle requires more energy to produce, is heavy during transport and may break tiles or bathroom ceramics if you drop it. Please always remember to recycle your used containers, made from recyclable materials, as it is still the best alternative to reduce waste and environmental impact and ensure that plastic does not end up in our oceans.

    Defining organic is not as simple as it may seem. As soon as an organic raw material is processed in any way it is no longer considered organic. For instance, the soy wax in L:A Bruket's candles is made from organic soy, but since processed may not be called organic. This goes for plants harvested in the wild as well, since they are not controlled through farming, they may not be called organic. L:A Bruket use both organic raw materials that have been processed (and therefore cannot be labelled or mentioned as organic) as well as certified organic ingredients. For some products they have a content of more than 90% certified organic ingredients. The base ingredients of L:A Bruket's skin care range are always organic and/ or natural, however in some cases they may need to use smaller amounts of nature identical ingredients, such as preservatives that occur naturally in i.e. lingonberries, but is not possible to produce large scale. They have the same molecular build up as the natural original but can be produced without exterminating rare species of plants. Another positive effect is that allergens that may occur naturally in some natural ingredients can be eliminated.

    We are happy to say that L:A Bruket do not use any pure palm oil in any of their products. However, there might be small amounts/ traces of it hidden in other ingredients they use, but they are continuously developing formulas to stay clear of any content of palm oil due to its dubious reputation. L:A Bruket assure us that the small quantities that may appear within other ingredients are always RSPO-certified.

    L:A Bruket have a few products that are not completely vegan. Their body butters and lip balm contain beeswax, but the harvest is not in any way harmful to the bees. All other products are completely vegan.

    No, L:A Bruket do not use animal testing for their ingredients or their products. The reason they don´t include this information on their packaging is that it is forbidden by EU-legislation to mention “not tested on animals” as animal testing has been prohibited within the EU for many years.

    Store in normal temperature (18°C) and keep away from direct sunlight in order for the products to stay fresh.

    Opened products will last for about 6 months, as shown by the “Open jar symbol” on the packaging. However, some products will last a lot longer so always use your nose to determine the status of the product, so as not to waste a perfectly good product. Remember that L:A Bruket products have a shelf life (Best Before Date) of about 36 months.

    The essential oils in L:A Bruket's skin care products gives them a natural fragrance, however they are not added to give the product a scent first and foremost. The main reason they use essential oils in their skin care is for the oils' properties, the scent in itself is secondary. On rare occasions they add a natural fragrance to a product to give it a certain scent.

    Yes, L:A Brucket have 1000ml refills for Hand & Body Wash and 260g refills for their range of Scented Candles, and USTUDIO
    stock these.