Pelegrims Skin Care

Natural Skincare, Natural Wine

From the Vineyard…

Natural, small-batch, low intervention skincare brand Pelegrims is the brainchild of natural formulator, Alex Verier (previously Director at Haeckels), backed by former tech executive (and Sommelier trained) Jerome Moisan.

Pelgrims use by-products from the wine-making process and harness powerful grape extracts in their Single Vineyard, Single Vintage skincare.

Their partner vineyard, Westwell, is located just beneath the Pilgrims Way on the North Downs in Kent; a route used for centuries by Pilgrims travelling to Canterbury.

Pelegrims is an old English word for Pilgrim, chosen both because of the vineyard's location and for the brand's core values of adventure and discovery.

A Great Vintage

Artisan Skincare

As Pelegrims' unisex, low intervention skincare is made using by-products from a natural wine vineyard, their small-batch products would make a great gift for anyone that loves wine, especially natural wines. They are not only single vineyard but single vintage too. Some products, like the deeply moisturising Facial Balm, even have the vintage on the label!

Small Company

Big Values

Pelgrims believe in making products in small batches using only the best ingredients to assure quality and performance.

The production and formulation of the products took over a year, to perfect the best and most effective formulations. They put another entire year into development and research, to look into the scientific evidence there is for each active ingredient and the best way of combining it to achieve maximum potency.

They don't test on animals, only on themselves and their families. All their products are vegan as well as being cruelty-free.

Having their lab close to the vineyard means that they can limit their carbon footprint in the production of their skincare products and have direct traceability from seed to bottle.

As time goes on they want to source all of their ingredients, first from the UK, and eventually from a similar distance to the vineyard.

Partner Vineyard

Westwell Wines

All of the by-products used by Pelegrims come from Westwell Wines.

The estate boasts an ideal mix of climate, aspect and soil and grows four different varieties - Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Ortega. All the wines are made on-site from estate grown fruit.

The Westwell philosophy is simple: plant well, respect the soil and make great, honest wines from brilliant fruit.

Westwell think not just in terms of the next few vintages but the next generations. They grow the best grapes possible while protecting and strengthening the soil, combining organic, sustainable and conventional practices, minimising intervention, conserving the vineyard and surrounding environment and promoting biodiversity.

The Guiding Principles

Low Intervention and Independence

Pelegrims have two guiding principles: low intervention and independence.

Low intervention means letting nature dictate and accepting imperfection and irregularity, being patient, not being guided by a frenetic search for more, and enjoying today, with a long attention span.

Independence means they are privately owned so can do things that don't make sense, they don't have scale and revenue mapped out in a way that would push them to invent marketing moments or manufacture artificial consistency, and they don't compete, believing that there is space for everyone.

In the Founder's Words

Harmony and Sustainability

Alex says, “Our intention is to formulate low intervention, active skincare formulations that work in harmony with the skin supporting it to heal and rejuvenate itself. Sustainability is hugely important to us, so using waste products from the wine making process and harnessing the powerful grape extracts are at the core of our brand and our future research. We’re looking forward to documenting our product journey in the years ahead”.

Pelgrims are passionate about their low intervention skincare products, and it really shows in what they do.

Pelegrims | FAQs

Pelegrims are a fantastic brand and we love their single vineyard, single vintage approach to creating their small-batch skincare products.

Here are some frequently-asked questions about Pelegrims:

Pelegrims is a skincare brand that was founded in 2019. The company is based in the UK and its products are made using grape extracts from a single vineyard. Pelegrims' products are designed to be gentle on the skin and to help it heal and rejuvenate.

Pelegrims' products are formulated with a variety of ingredients that have been shown to have skin benefits. These ingredients include grape extracts, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C. Pelegrims products can help to improve the appearance of the skin by reducing wrinkles, improving hydration, and protecting the skin from damage.

Yes, Pelegrims is a cruelty-free brand. This means that the company does not test its products on animals.

No, Pelegrims is completely unisex, it is a brand for everyone!

Yes, Pelegrim's products are vegan.