Neighbourhood Botanicals Skincare


    Neighbourhood Botanicals is a formulator-led independent brand, making natural skincare, sustainable by design.

    All their products are completely from the mind and hands of the founder Micaela, formulated in their lab in Leyton, east London.

    Neighbourhood Botanicals is a small company, running as a true passion project, to release intelligent, creative formulations in cool bottles you want to display on your shelf, at a fair price. This differs from the common practice in skincare brands of buying a formula off-the-shelf from a manufacturer and designing some flashy packaging to put it in. A lot of skincare brands are just marketing brands!

    All their formulas are made with natural ingredients and use cold-pressed plant oils wherever possible. As a small and nimble company, they put sustainability at the core of all their decisions. Neighbourhood Botanicals are as environmentally responsible and ethical as possible within their limited framework. Ethics, ingredients and sustainability have been a no-brainer since this brand began in 2016.