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    Passion Project

    Natural, Sustainable Skincare

    Neighbourhood Botanicals are a formulator-led independent brand making natural skincare sustainable by design.

    They are a small company, running as a true passion project to release intelligent, creative formulations in cool bottles you want to display on your shelf, at a fair price.

    Every product is the brainchild of their founder, Micaela, meticulously formulated within their lab located in Leyton, East London, UK.

    This differs from the common practice in skincare brands of buying a formula off-the-shelf from a manufacturer and designing some flashy packaging to put it in. A lot of skincare brands are just marketing brands!

    Embracing the power of nature, all of Neighbourhood Botanical's formulas incorporate natural ingredients and prioritise the use of cold-pressed plant oils whenever feasible.

    Being a nimble and conscientious company, sustainability lies at the heart of every decision Neighbourhood Botanicals make. Within their current scope, they strive to be environmentally responsible and ethical.

    Neighbourhood Botanicals Brand Founder

    About the Founder

    Micaela Nisbet, formerly a touring live sound engineer, grew weary of the demanding lifestyle on the road and embarked on a new path in cosmetic formulation. Today, she applies her expertise to 'engineer' natural skincare products, channelling her passion into creating harmonious and effective formulations. She has been led by memories of home and the natural oils and herbal remedies she grew up with.

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    The Company's Roots

    Having been raised amidst the sunny beaches of Australia and New Zealand, Micaela developed a deep appreciation for the efficacy of natural oils and herbal remedies. However, when she relocated to London in 2010 to pursue her music career, the demanding touring lifestyle took a toll on her skin. Late nights, constant travel, and partying left her complexion lacklustre, irritated, and dehydrated.

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    Sweet Almond Oil

    Learning the Ropes

    Drawing upon her memories of using sweet almond oil during her time in Byron Bay, where her skin thrived, Micaela embarked on a journey of self-education to understand the remarkable benefits of plant oils in skincare.

    She delved into the world of ingredients, studying the formulations behind the products she had discovered and adored. At that time, however, the natural face oil blends available were beyond her budget. Determined to find a solution, Micaela began blending her own version of the beloved sweet almond oil, using cold-pressed plant oils and minimal essential oils. The transformation was astounding! Her skin regained its radiant glow and overall happiness.

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    A Brand is Born

    To further enhance her home-grown techniques, Micaela dedicated herself to studying Organic Skincare Formulation during breaks from touring.

    In 2016, she founded Neighbourhood Botanicals as both a creative outlet and a passion project on the side. Over the years, the brand has flourished organically, expanding its range of products.

    While Micaela still dabbles in the live music world, her true joy lies in dreaming up new skincare creations and immersing herself in hours of ingredient research and formulation for Neighbourhood Botanicals.

    She is determined to ensure that Neighbourhood Botanicals are sustainable, vegan, and cruelty-free.

    Neighbourhood Botanicals Oils in Bottles

    Planet and Provenance

    Neighbourhood Botanicals work hard to be ethical as well as affordable.

    In January 2021 Neighbourhood Botanicals finished their extensive company audit and became carbon-negative, climate positive, leading the charge in this respect.

    Neighbourhood Botanical's oils are 90% cold-pressed and raw, extracted without solvents. Using cold-pressed oils allows the ingredients to retain maximum nutrients from the plants and also contributes to each products unique scent.

    Neighbourhood Botanicals' main ingredients supplier is a UK-based family run company who send them everything in recycled jerry cans and source their raw ingredients direct from the farmers around the world. Many of their products are certified with The Vegan Society and COSMOS.


    Neighbourhood Botanicals have always been cruelty-free and vegan, but they are working through the long and costly process of becoming officially certified with the corresponding bodies, so they can show those stamps on the packages and provide greater trust and transparency to our customers.

    • Neighbourhood Botanicals products are all vegan.
    • Neighbourhood Botanicals products are all cruelty-free.

    The only product that has palm oil is Face Off, it has a derivative of palm oil in one of the surfactants in the blend.

    However it is certified RSPO palm oil which assures sustainable cultivation of the palm crops.

    The other products are palm oil free.

    If you're doing 3-4 drops per day then you should finish the bottle in 3 months. To prevent rancidity, keep your oil closed between uses and keep out of direct sunlight and at room temperature or below (some people like to refrigerate their face oil for an extra fresh hit!)

    Only naturally! There is no 'parfum' in the blends. Parfum or fragrance in mainstream skincare is generally what makes sensitive skin irritated. Neighbourhood Botanicals take pride in their layered essential oil blends, giving each oil not only a distinctive scent, but more importantly a mix of active aromatherapy benefits for the body and the mind.

    This scent lasts about 20 minutes, as it starts to evaporate on contact with the heat of the skin. Just enough time to get into your head but not conflict with your perfume. The essential oils generally only make up 1% of the blend, and all are well within IFRA standards. Citrus oils used are not photo-sensitising when used in these small amounts.

    Yes, there are some tree-nut and wheat oils in our blends. Because of the processing that extracted nut and wheat oils go through, they typically do not irritate people with allergies. However, please read the ingredients through and consult your doctor first if you have a strong allergy.