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Best of USTUDIO | Staff Faves Summer '24
It's been a busy year so far with more products and amazing brands settling in to the USTUDIO store. So, time to take a breather and reflect on some highlights and personal favourites from the staff that work, live and enjoy these products on a daily basis.
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Traveler's Co | Stamp Caravan

The Traveler's Co Stamp Caravan Event heads to USTUDIO in Bristol.

We had a fantastic time hosting the Traveler's Company's Stamp Caravan in the shop this week. We were one of only three stores in the UK to be selected for the Stamp Caravan and we were really honoured to be chosen as we really love the Traveler's Notebook so it was great to meet more fans of the brand.

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Studio Arhoj | The Art of Play

Interview | USTUDIO talks to Anders Arhoj, founder of Studio Arhoj.

Studio Arhoj in Copenhagen, Denmark, is an independent design and production studio run by founder Anders Arhoj. They make beautiful and charming Japanese inspired ceramics and glass. They are famed for their thick colourful glazes and playful characters, including the iconic Ghost and Familia ranges.


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We look at the origins and evolution of Valentine's Day and then take you through a gift guide to help you find something that really says "I love you" rather than "I just bought this because I panicked!"

Featuring cards and gifts that lovers will love, from and USTUDIO. Brands including L:A Bruket, Alex Monroe, Maison Matine and more.

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Stationery Addict Gift Guide
We love a good #stationeryhaul here at USTUDIO. And we have plenty to make even the most hardcore of stationery addicts happy! We have put together a gift guide for those stationery-obsessed people in your life. Moleskin Diaries! Blackwing pencil sets! Sausage Dog paperclips! So much lovely, lovely stationery! We’ve got it all…
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