Maison Matine


    Smells Like Revolution

    Maison Matine, Rebel Perfume

    Maison Matine are a new and innovative fragrance brand from Paris that challenge the conventions of perfumery. Founded by Arthur Ponroy and Marie Kellou in 2019, the brand draws inspiration from the French words "mutine" (rebellion) and "matin" (morning), reflecting their philosophy of being daring and adventurous every day.

    Maison Matine invite you to discover their unique and original unisex scents that will awaken your senses and express your personality.

    Unisex Perfume

    Maison Matine look to challenge the opulence and sexism of the traditional perfume industry with their bold, unisex fragrances and gorgeous, graphic, illustrative bottles.

    Brave, bold, and rebellious. The bottles, the fragrance, and the people that love it!

    Rebel Candles

    Maison Matine recently launched a range of candles so that your home can smell as great as you! The candles are housed in ceramic pots with a bold painted design.

    These gorgeous candles are made with vegetal wax, French ceramic and with an organic cotton wick.


    Beautiful Bottles

    Maison Matine collaborate with young and talented artists to design their packaging and visuals, reflecting their artistic vision and originality.

    Perfume for the creative, the curious, the rebels and the nomads.

    Diversity, Personality, Curiosity


    Maison Matine's unisex fragrances are inspired by different cultures and places around the world, such as Bali, Tokyo, Lima and Paris.

    They celebrate the diversity of cultures, personalities and lifestyles, and offer a range of fragrances that suit different moods and occasions.

    Maison Matine offer contemporary fragrances that are created by young and talented perfumers, inspired by a global vision.

    They encourage their customers to explore new sensations and discover new aspects of themselves through their scents.


    Reducing Environmental Impact

    Maison Matine's perfumes are created in Paris and made in Chartres, so everything happens in France, keeping it local.

    Their wheat alcohol comes from organic farming and their ingredients are harvested with respect for nature and their suppliers.

    Their candles are French ceramic, vegetal wax and have organic cotton wicks. They are made in France.

    Maison Matine's boxes are made from 70%recycled and 100% recyclable cartons and they have removed all cellophane to reduce waste.

    Maison Matine

    Maison Matine | FAQs

    The name Maison Matine combines the word for "rebellion" (mutine) with the word for "morning" (matin), signifying an everyday rebellion!

    Maison Matine perfume is created in Paris, France.

    Maison Matine perfume is made in Chartres, France.

    No, Maison Matine fragrance is unisex

    Yes, Maison Matine perfumes contain organic wheat alcohol.

    There is no best before date. The perfume can become more intense with time. The colour may also change but there is no risk using it.

    Don’t leave the perfume in the sun and keep it away from heat.

    The glass bottle is recyclable. The boxes are made from 70% recycled paper and are 100% recyclable. Maison Matine do not use cellophane, minimising waste.