Best of USTUDIO. Staff faves for summer '24

It's been a busy year so far with more products and amazing brands settling in to the USTUDIO store. So, time to take a breather and reflect on some highlights and personal favourites from the staff that work, live and enjoy these products on a daily basis.

Here's a rundown of each of our personal TOP 5 products currently in the USTUDIO store...

Lianne (Store Manager) - Top 5

1. Pelegrims | Facial Balm

Lianne: All their products are very good, but I particularly like the Facial Balm and Hand Pomade. Fantastic products for mature and sensitive skin. They both smell amazing and leave your skin properly nurtured. A small amount goes a long way with the Facial Balm, and my skin is glowing all day. The rich Hand Pomade is my favourite night time hand cream.

Pelegrims Facial Balm

2. Chocolarder | Wild Gorse

Lianne: I’m quite a chocolate purist, and do not often go for chocolate with ‘additions’, but the Chocolarder Wild Gorse is beautiful. It is infused with Wild Gorse picked along the Coastal Path in Cornwall, and has a delicious creamy, floral coconut flavour, without actually tasting of coconut milk. The Friis Holm Chuno Triple Turned 70% is currently my favourite dark chocolate. Rich and dark but it melts beautifully in your mouth and is very satisfying. And I love all the Bare Bones bars.

Chocolarder Wild Gorse Flower

3. Hasami | Grey Stacking Mug

Lianne: Very happy Hasami Porcelain is back in. It is made to perfection, all items stack up, plates can be used as lids on bowls or mugs, their glassware is just amazing. The Large Mugs in gloss grey are currently my favourite mug at home. It holds 455 ml, keeps your drink warm, and has the perfect shape and handle. The 85mm plate fits perfectly on top, ideal for biscuits, your teabag or just to keep your tea warm whilst it is brewing.

Hasami Grey Stacking Mug

4. Bastille | Hors Piste

Lianne: My favourite perfume brand is Bastille. I think their fragrances are superb, subtle, and original. Their scents are quite intimate and linear, not ‘in-your-face’ and changing throughout the day like a lot of perfume brands. Bastille is completely transparent about their ingredients (made with 95% natural ingredients, 5% clean synthetics), vegan, no stabilisers, they react beautifully with my skin. Hors-Piste is my absolute favourite, to me it smells of Summer, a fresh Gin & Tonic in your hand.

Bastille Hors-Piste Fragrance


Ghost Outdoors | Army Blanket

Lianne: The Ghost Outdoor blankets are in a league of their own. They have the size and weight of army blankets, but are made in luxurious and durable Australian Merino Wool. Add to that the lovely colours, geometric patterns, the contrast blanket stitch and to me that is blanket-perfection. Great for on the sofa, around the campfire (wool has a natural fire resistance and can withstand sparks) and they are rugged enough to be used outdoors, for camping or as a picnic blanket. The quality is so beautiful that I actually dream of buying 2 blankets and make a winter coat out of them .

Merino Army Blanket

Gemma (Buyer+Big Boss) - Top 4

1. Malin+Goetz | Face Moisturiser

Gemma: the Vitamin E Face Moisturiser from Malin+Goetz is my new go to moisturiser for the warmer months. I have super sensitive skin on my face and have to be very careful trying new products, but this moisturiser is a perfect match for me. It’s cool on application so feels refreshing to apply, it’s lightweight and absorbs easily, leaving my skin feeling fresh and ready for sunscreen and make up.

M+G Vitamin E Moisturiser

2. Monokel | Memphis Sunglasses

Gemma: a treat for the sunshine! I took these for a trial run to Spain on holiday, after putting up with some pretty but not very comfortable Ray-Bans for a few years. I much prefer my new Monokel Memphis Havana's with their subtle cat eye shape. ‘Pretty’ box ticked! On a practical level, they stay in the right place on my nose without slipping down in hot sweaty weather, and don’t allow sunshine to creep into my eyes above and at the side of the frame. Win win.

Monokel Memphis Havanna

3. Friis-Holm | Chuno Triple

Gemma: as USTUDIO’s ultimate chocoholic, I have tried all of the dark chocolate bars in our store and can confirm that we set a very high bar when it comes to excellence in craft chocolate! However, if I am forced to pick a current favourite, this has to be it. Chuno Triple Churned 70% is the most delicious rich and creamy dark chocolate out there. It’s like a proper European hot chocolate in bar form, so smooth and melts on the tongue without any hint of bitterness, despite being 70% dark. It’s probably sold out because I keep buying more – sorry about that! But if it is available, I definitely recommend.

Friis-Holm Chuno Triple Churn

4. Studio Arhoj | Chug Mug

Gemma: the perfect mug to use alongside a pot of any kind of leaf tea. Fits so nicely in my hand and the smooth glaze is pleasing to the touch. Every single chug mug is unique due to the hand applied drip glaze process - this is a handmade item in a constantly evolving combination of gorgeous glaze mixes. The only downside to this mug is that one isn’t enough, and you will end up collecting lots of these colourful beauties.

Studio Arhoj Chug Mug


Maria Black | Anil 8 Earring

Ru: I’m in my millennial midlife crisis era, ive been getting extra piercings just so I can wear all the singles from Maria Black! I love the textural, organic forms of her huggie hoops, perfect for levelling up your earring game. Slightly punky, artistic forms like Anil, Chance & Miro alongside more classic styles like Slick and Señorita.

Anil 8 Huggie Earring

Ru (Store Manager) - Top 5

2. Agua de Madre | Blood Orange

Ru: if you are looking for something seriously refreshing, I recommend these for a lightly sparkling thirst quencher. Water kefir is the slightly less funky cousin of kombucha; vegan, good for your gut and have super interesting flavours. Blood orange bitters is my go-to. It even makes a good cocktail mixer with fresh lime and ice!

Agua de Madre Blood Orange

3. Beso Beach | Pasion

Ru: I bought the fragrance Beso Pasion for my partner and I also fell in love with it so we share it now (if he likes it or not!) Beso Pasion, with it’s fig, vetiver and complex citrus notes, feels truely unisex and unique. The whole brand feel so original, luxe and contemporary, with scents conveying a time, place and feel of Beso Beach, it’s name sake.

Beso Beach Pasion Perfume

4. Baggu | Crescent Bag

Ru: In our household we are a Baggu family! We use the fold up shoppers which last forever due to the parachute-like material and can hold all the groceries, while looking fun and cool. We also have one of the strong staple duck bags each. Im now eyeing up the crescent shape cross-body bag in Cocoa, which has 2 inner pockets and enough space for your city trip (my birthday is soon, wink wink).

Baggu Crescent bag

5. Monokel | Apollo Sunglasses

Ru: I am SO glad we have this brand in! The quality just feels great and the styles are a step up what you usually find in the high street. Monokel are also a cut above many other shades, with the strength of titanium coated hinges and the clarity of Zeiss lenses. I’m personally after the Apollo Cola’s, the square beatnik frames are really cool.

Apollo Cola Sunglasses


Traveler's | Companion Notebook

Anna: In my other life I am a poet and so a notebook is an essential. But a Traveler's Companion is no ordinary notebook- it has a leather outer which can hold up to 3 different inserts (actually more if you are determined enough.)  Available inserts are notebooks in all different kinds of paper, from lined to kraft, sticker sheets, a planner, folder, etc so you can customise it to suit you perfectly. I was lucky enough to get mine embossed in the USTUDIO shop last time the Traveler's Caravan was visiting- it is worth keeping an eye on our social media for things like this, as the embossing is wonderful and another truly personal touch. Traveler's Co are a Japanese company and the quality is just what you'd expect from a high-end Japanese stationery brand, if not better. A totally brilliant product. And yes, they spell it 'Traveler's'.

Traveler's notebook

Anna+Robert (Writer/Designer) - Top 6

2. Kaweco | Brass Sport Rollerball

Anna: More stationery, German-made this time. Obviously, given my non-USTUDIO vocation, I write a lot. My stepdaughter bought me this pen as a birthday present and I treasure it. I love the weight of it in my hand, the way it is small and neat in my bag and then the lid pops onto the end of the pen to make it a good length for writing with, and the fact that the brass gains a natural patina over time from being held in my hand. It writes beautifully and looks stunning. And the hexagonal shape is pleasing to fiddle with during the hours spent battling writer's block.

Kaweco Brass Rollerball

3. Malin + Goetz | Leather Perfume Oil

Anna: This is a newer addition, I usually have a few Malbrum perfume minis in my bag (my favourite is Tigre de Bengal), but it was love at first sniff as far as this perfume was concerned. It's warm, woody, spicy and a bit smoky. It feels very gender-neutral as a scent (although in my opinion every scent is gender-neutral, it is a personal choice!) and feels sensual and heady without being at all overpowering. The size of the bottle makes it perfect to chuck in my bag and the roll-on bottle allows me to put perfume on when I'm on a bus or a train without bothering anyone else. in summary, it's a delight.

M+G Leather Perfume Oil

4. Wilderbee | Hot Honey

Robert: Very new into the store but first batch sold out in a week! This is actual fire! Brilliant for dunking pizza crusts, in tofu tacos, or on salad. Haven't tried it on ice cream yet, but I probably will. The kids have been putting it on everything, apparently it is very good on salami sandwiches or just on its own on toast.

Wilderbee Hot Honey

5. Studio Arhoj | Sip Cup

Robert: Bought one of these for my son, who drinks a lot of coffee (he is a barman and barista). It doesn't have a handle and fits really nicely in the hand. It is hand-made and hand-glazed so the finish is unique, and the colour of the cup is really vibrant. It was pretty hard to choose the colour but it was very well received- I could probably have got away with any of them and he would've been pleased!

Studio Arhoj Sip Cup


Fatso | Morning Glory

Robert: I bought this for my daughter, who is vegan. It is completely bonkers, breakfast in a chocolate bar! Fatso bars are really chonky, hence the name. And this one is dark chocolate with cornflakes, toast and marmalade. Breakfast of Champions!

Fatso Morning Glory

TC (Creative Director) - Top 5

1. Kooduu | Sensa Light

TC: This was my last payday treat. Love the design and build quality on this lamp and I opted for the orange colour which sits nicely with the Doug Fir interior of my house! The light has a really satisfying dimmer lever and creates a lovely ambient glow but the best thing about it is the portability. I can charge it on a shelf where it looks decorative and then move it to a table in the centre of the room. It creates a lovely warm atmosphere, something like a steady candle glow, with just the right amount of ambience to have an intimate conversation rather than light the whole room.

Kooduu Sensa Light

2. LSA Glass | Utility Jug

TC: LSA are a British glassware manufacturer that have been around for as long as I can remember. We looked long and hard for a glassware supplier and could not find anyone to match the quality and design of these guys. The 70’s styling on the Utility Jug is a winner for me and since owning one (and the matching glasses) it has followed me around the house meaning that I have consumed a lot more water! So, not only does it look great in my house, it’s actually making me healthier. Win win!

LSA Glassware Utility Jug

3. Hey Yum | Sour Flower

TC: It’s no secret that I love sour jelly sweets! I find them super addictive and struggle to limit consumption. In this regard, Hey Yum is a dangerous brand and the Sour Flower is the most dangerous for me. Sweet, fruity, chewy and sour sherbet – the ultimate treat! On the plus side, these are organic and made with real fruit juice. You can really taste the difference and it means I’m getting some of my 5 a day, right?! The hard part is stopping…

Hey Yum! Sour Flower Sweets

4. Malin+Goetz | Cannabis

TC: Malin+Goetz is a new brand this year and sits nicely in our revamped self care area. The brand ethos really resonates – gender neutral skincare and fragrance, suitable for sensitive skin that I can steal from my partner! Awesome! The Cannabis Fragrance is a favourite (Leather also great.) I appreciate the lightness of touch that these scents have. You can use them liberally and they die down to a subtle but incredible scent that will not overpower a room but smells great for anyone that gets close enough.

Malin+Goetz Cannabis Fragrance


Salt+Stone | Natural Deodorant

TC: I have experienced quite a few natural deodorants over the years as I am tragically allergic to traditional anti-perspirant :( Salt+Stone is the best I have used (though the Malin+Goetz Eucalyptus is also very good.) Salt+Stone scents are incredible, and I actually like them all and would use any of them. But best of all, the deodorant is really effective and gentle on your skin. Woop! They also have a long life for the money with my last one hanging on for 5-6 months with everyday use. Real life saver!

Salt+Stone Deodorant

Freddie (Resident Gamer + Super Sales Person) - Top 5

1. Everdell | Starling Games

Freddie: As a massive gamer, I really love the collection we have in store, all very pretty but with great mechanics. My personal favourite at the moment is Everdell, competing to build up the best town for your animal inhabitants, its very very charming, but can still be quite competitive!

Everdell Board Game

2. T-Lab | Pole Pole

Freddie: I love these little wooden Japanese animals, all handmade from a light soft wood and hand painted. I have an ever growing collection on my mantlepiece which bring me such joy every time a new friend joins them.

T-Lab Pole Pole

3. Areaware | Cubebot

Freddie: I can spend ages rearranging these little models into new poses, and I seem to be fastest in the shop at getting him back into his cube shape! I have the large rainbow one proudly on my shelf at home and always makes me smile when I see him.

Areaware Cubebot

4. Lo | Pathless Wood

Freddie: In a shop with so many lovely scents, Lo’s Pathless Wood is my personal favourite. The room spray makes any space just smell delicious and the candle looks beautiful and smells so good it’d be hard to bring yourself to extinguish it.

Lo Pathless Wood Candle


Studio Arhoj | Familia

Freddie: The figurines from Studio Arhoj bring me such joy, each piece has its own character and style, its hard not to take home the whole delivery when they arrive.

I love seeing how they play with shape and colour, and the eyes bring each one to life.

Studio Arhoj Collection

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