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Candle | Pathless Wood

Pathless Wood scented candle from Lo Studio is inspired by the romance of a wander through wooded landscapes where natural beauty’s key is its simpleness. Sensual, woody and dry.

Lo Studio produce exceptional candles. Their oils are distilled to a greater concentration than standard, forming a liquid resin which is then mixed with the candle wax producing a highly fragrant and long lasting candle. The fragrance from these candles really does fill out a room and lasts for many hours once the candle is extinguished.

  • Bergamot, Cedarwood, Oak Moss, Amber, Leather & Tobacco Leaf
  • Up to 60 Hours Burn Time
  • Natural Wax Blend
  • 220g
  • Produced in small batches, the candles use 100% natural non GM vegetable wax which is fully sustainable. They use essential oils, absolutes, resinoids and balsams and the candles are hand poured in UK by chandlers, not machines.