Japanese Design

    Founded in 2002 by designer and craftsman Takuji Masuda, T-Lab is an innovative design brand specialising in creating decorative wooden animal figurines. The designs are conceived in Yokohama, Japan with production in Bali.

    T-Lab, Japan are an acclaimed design company and have won several design awards including the Japanese Good Design Award, the Tokyo Mid-Town Award and were listed in the Monocle Guide Top 50 for inspiring and innovative design companies (2018).

    Made With Care

    Hand Crafted and Sustainable

    T-Lab use sustainable wood to make all of their products and the tree that they use is the Albizia Falcata, one of the quickest growing tropical trees, second only to bamboo. Because of its rapid growth, it is very sustainable when replanted which helps to combat deforestation. T-Lab ensures that all trees are replanted to replace any that are used for its products.

    Slowly Slowly

    Pole Pole

    Designed in Japan, T-Lab's Pole Pole animals are then all hand-made by their workshop's artisans in Bali. At first, they cut a rough form of the animals on solid wooden boards. Then these are dried in an oven for a long time. After that, they are finished by hand, polished with sandpaper and all hand-painted with vegetable based paints.

    As all of the work is done by hand, the animals all have unique facial expressions, and the one that you hold in your hand is the only one in the world quite like it.

    Pole Pole - made slowly, slowly, and made to keep.

    T-Lab Wooden Figurines | FAQs

    T-Lab is a Japanese company that designs and manufactures wooden animal figurines and other wooden products.

    T-Lab was founded by designer and craftsman Takuji Masuda in 2002.

    T-Lab’s wooden animal figurines are made from natural, sustainably sourced albizia wood, which is native to Southeast Asia.

    Yes, T-Lab is committed to sustainability and uses eco-friendly materials and production methods wherever possible. Pole Pole are made from Abizia wood which is a light, fast growing tree and have a replanting scheme to combat deforestation.

    T-Lab meticulously design each of their hand carved animals but do not make their animals by request.

    T-Lab’s products are designed for display purposes and are not intended to be toys. However, they are made from natural materials and are safe for children to handle under adult supervision.