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    Located in Copenhagen, Denmark, Studio Arhoj is a small independent design and production studio run by founder Anders Arhoj. They produce beautiful and charming Japanese inspired ceramics and hand-blown glass and are famed for their thick colourful glazes and playful characters.

    From Japan to Copenhagen

    Anders began his work in interiors and design while studying in Tokyo, Japan in 2005. After moving back to Denmark, he began operating a small design studio from his apartment in Vesterbro doing graphic work, identity, branding and kids illustration - and eventually moving into the world of ceramics, and started making his amazing creations.

    Starting the Studio

    By 2013 Anders was able to officially start Studio Arhoj in an old envelope factory in Islands Brygge, a former industrial and dockland area just outside central Copenhagen. In 2020 the studio relocated into the heart of Copenhagen where it currently resides with a glass blowing hot shop, ceramic pottery and a flag ship store.


    The studio aims to be as responsible as possible in it's ethos and production. All excess clay is reused and recycled, the raw materials are all sourced within Europe and as close to the studio as possible and electric usage is run on the many clean and green initiatives that they have locally in Denmark. The kilns are run only at night to help reduce stress on the local grid and the heat is repurposed to keep the studio space warm in the winter.

    Artisan Production

    Studio Arhoj employ expert makers in the two essential production departments. On the one hand there is the pottery where four experienced potters hand throw the Edo line every day at the wheel (Yuki, Mion Mug, Spring Bowl and more.) Then there is the Hot Shop glass blowing department where all of the Arhoj glasswork is mouth blown in the studio.

    playful creativity

    Ghost to familia

    Studio Arhoj release new products, limited edition pieces, and new glaze combinations and colours throughout the year. They work daily in the design and production team to manufacture and develop at the same time, in order to stay creative and never get too bored. This has led to the iconic Ghost figurine, the Familia ceramic range and more recently to a host of new characters with the hand-blown glass Blobs.

    Anders Arhoj

    The Art of Play

    We had a chat with Anders Arhoj about the origins of Studio Arhoj, his influences, and why play is so important for creativity…

    Studio Arhoj | FAQs

    We love Studio Arhoj for their endless creativity and their ability to bring clay and glass to life and give them character. Their products are all handmade and are quirky, beautiful, characterful and fun. Here are some FAQs about the Danish ceramic and glass studio, Studio Arhoj.

    Studio Arhoj are a design and production studio founded by Anders Arhoj in 2013.

    Studio Arhoj are based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

    Studio Arhoj specialise in hand-blown glass and handmade ceramics, but who knows what they might do next!

    All of Studio Arhoj's products are handmade and hand-glazed, so no 2 will ever be exactly alike, however it's likely that you could find 2 that complement each other and go well together.

    Yes, Studio Arhoj collaborated with USTUDIO Design on a range of greeting cards, you'll find them in our store and online.

    Anders Arhoj, founder of Studio Arhoj, is very influenced by the time he spent in Tokyo, Japan, as well as his childhood- reading Astrid Lingen books, watching The Moomins and The Muppet Show.