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Mini Kayo | Arhoj Familia Ceramic Figurine

Meet Mini Kayo! Mini Kayo is a pear shaped, hand glazed ceramic figurine created as a close relative of the classic Arhoj Ghost. The Familia is a continuation of the playful decorative object series from Studio Arhoj

Like much of Anders Arhoj's creations, these are inspired by Japanese ceramics and culture. The Shinto idea of all objects having a soul on some level is playfully brought to life by giving these creations eyes (and with it, a unique personality).  There is also a Scandinavian twist as each piece is handmade in Copenhagen, Denmark, meaning the glaze colour and finish will never be exactly the same on any two items.

The adorable Familia provides a contemporary ornamental colour punch and personality to your home decor. 

  • Designed and made in Copenhagen
  • Japanese inspired ceramic and glazes
  • Each piece is unique
  • Approx. 8 cm tall

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