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Craft Chocolate Producer Chocolarder Chocolate Bars and beans lifestyle shot

11th October 2022

British Bean-to-Bar Craft Chocolate
Ethical, sustainable, and incredibly delicious!

USTUDIO are proud to stock chocolate from the leaders of the British Craft, Small-Batch, Bean-to-Bar chocolate revolution; Bare Bones in Glasgow, Chocolarder in Cornwall, Land in London and Pump Street in Suffolk. 

Lifestyle shot of Land Chocolate Bars

Land Chocolate Bars available at USTUDIO

What is Bean-To-Bar chocolate and why should I care?

The term bean to bar chocolate was coined as a way for Craft chocolate makers, some of whom would be producing just a few hundred bars at a time, to distinguish their product from mass produced chocolate and that made by chocolatiers, who melt chocolate that they buy in to make chocolate confectionery.

There are a lot of problems with the traditional chocolate industry. The environmental impact of manufacture, guaranteeing fair pay and fair working conditions for farmers, and variation in the quality of cacao are all problematic within the mainstream industry.

In sharp contrast, Bean-to-Bar chocolate makers are involved at every stage of production. All the way from the cacao bean to the finished bar. This ensures the sustainability, ethics, and quality of the chocolate produced. And it also ensures that it tastes heavenly!

Craft chocolate makers buy cacao in small amounts, working directly with the farmers, and then take on the whole process of creating their chocolate, including cleaning, roasting, cracking, winnowing, and grinding the cacao beans, conching and tempering the chocolate. It is a lengthy process, but the results speak for themselves.

Melted Chocolate Pouring in Production

Pouring chocolate as part of the bean to bar process

The UK Small Batch Bean-to-Bar Revolution…

The bean-to-bar process is at the heart of all our suppliers’ chocolate making. The chocolate is handcrafted, from a raw cacao bean all the way through to a finished bar. The incredible flavour of the cacao is honoured, unlike in the mass-manufacturing process which focuses on keeping costs low and products consistent. Industrial chocolate is cheap because it is full of unnecessary and harmful fats, e-numbers and additives, and often has less than 20% cacao content.

All our suppliers make their chocolate in small batches and are involved with every step of the process, from working directly with farmers to ensure a price above the standard fair-trade model, to packaging their bars in a sustainable fashion. All Bare Bones’ packaging, for example, is sourced from inside the UK, they only use packaging that is from recycled sources, which can be recycled or composted after eating. Their cardboard is made from recycled coffee cups, and their bars are hand-wrapped in Vegware compostable sheets. And they look gorgeous, with a clean, minimalist style.

Honduras 59% Milk with Coffee Chocolate Bar
Honduras 59% Milk with Coffee Chocolate Bar

Honduras 59% Milk with Coffee Chocolate Bar


Cacao and coffee in perfect harmony. This lightly roasted filter coffee pairs beautifully with our milk chocolate. The coffee is a beautiful Organic Ethiopia, roasted in Glasgow. 

  • Milk Chocolate 59% - 70 g
  • Bean - Single Origin, Honduras
  • Made in Glasgow
  • Award winning - Academy of Chocolate Bronze 2021
  • Hints of dates, cream and delicate coffee
  • Organic, no additives or emulsifiers
  • May contain trace dairy and nuts
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The Process...

Raw Cacoa Beans Prior to Grinding

Raw Cacoa Beans Prior to Grinding

The first job when the beans arrive from the farmer is to hand sort them, preparing them for the roast. This process involves removing spoiled beans and any foreign materials. If hand sorting through endless kilos of cocoa beans sounds time consuming, well that’s because it is!

The next stage is roasting, to bring out the natural flavour and personality of the cocoa bean- every variety is distinctly different and will be roasted accordingly. Roasting drives off volatile acids from the beans and converts amino acids and sugars into tastier fully formed flavour compounds through the browning process.

Next step is to crack open the beans and discard the unwanted husks, which at our London-based supplier, Land, takes place on a rather primitive device. It’s a hybrid of second-hand machines and a household hoover that successfully cracks open the beans and blows away the husks, leaving clean cocoa nibs ready to load up into the grinder and turn into chocolate.

Guatemalan Milk 54% Chocolate Bar
Guatemalan Milk 54% Chocolate Bar

Guatemalan Milk 54% Chocolate Bar


54% Guatemalan Milk Chocolate from Land.

Land are an award winning bean to bar chocolate producer from Hackney, London. They showcase the array of natural flavour you find in the simple cocoa bean, and do this by using some of the world's finest cacao.

The whole process - from roasting, winnowing, grinding, conching and wrapping of the bar – takes place under the same roof in Hackney.

Land is a crowd-pleaser that will challenge the most discerning palates.

  • 60 g bar
  • Tasting notes: Fruit, Honey, Caramel 
  • Ingredients: Cocoa Butter, Cane Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Milk Powder
  • Made in London, UK
  • Contains Dairy 
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Next Steps...

At the next stage, the cocoa nibs are thrown into a grinder. These machines break down the nibs and sugar over a 72 hour period into liquid form. By the end of the grind particle size reduces to something between 15-20 microns, something that feels smooth on the tongue.

The chocolate is then moved onto the conching phase for some final flavour development. This involves agitating the chocolate to improve mouthfeel, drive off any left-over volatile acids and coax out the deeper, more nuanced flavour notes.

The final step before wrapping is tempering, which gives chocolate structure and a nice shine. It involves heating and cooling down the chocolate and allowing the cocoa butter to crystallise. It’s this crystallisation which is crucial to giving chocolate its glossy finish.

Cameron and Lara Founders of Bare Bones Chocolate

Cameron and Lara Founders of Bare Bones Chocolate

Taste of the land…

Chocolarder founder, pastry chef Mike Longman, is very much inspired by his environment. As well as a Cornish honeycomb bar, Chocolarder make a Wild Gorse Flower chocolate bar, which uses gorse flowers from Cornish coastal paths to give the 50% milk chocolate a warm toasted coconut flavour with hints of fudge and hazelnut. We absolutely love the subtle flavour, which is quite unlike anything we’ve tasted before. If you’ve ever taken the time to smell a gorse bush in summer you’d know their gentle coconut scent, which works so well with the creamy milk chocolate.

Wild Gorse Flower | 50% Milk Chocolate from Chocolarder - made in the UK
Wild Gorse Flower | 50% Milk Chocolate from Chocolarder - made in the UK

Wild Gorse Flower | 50% Milk Chocolate Bar


Wild Gorse Flower 50% Milk Chocolate Bar from Falmouth, UK.

Chocolarder are a multi award winning craft chocolate manufacturer with a sustainable approach. Started by pastry chef Mike Longman in 2012, the bars have won multiple awards and the company has been actively involved in reforestation projects around the world.

  • 60 g bar
  • Origin : Duarte Province, Dominican Republic
  • Taste: Warm Coconut flavours with toffee and light walnut notes.
  • Ingredients: Cocoa beans, Unrefined raw sugar, Whole milk powder,

    Cornish honey, Bicarbonate of soda

  • Made in Falmouth
  • Gluten free / soya free / refined sugar free

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But what about vegans?

Well, to quote Land founder, Phil Landers “My response to someone asking if I had a vegan or dairy-free option used to be “Just eat my dark chocolate!” as all our dark chocolate bars are vegan-friendly. Yet people crave the creamy-sweetness that milk gives chocolate, and when that’s what you’re craving, dark chocolate, however delicious, simply won’t cut it.”

 So, in addition to the dark chocolate bars that our suppliers make, which are all vegan, both Land and Pump Street Chocolate make an oat milk chocolate, to satisfy vegans looking for a creamy-sweet hit.

Lifestyle shot of Land Chocolate Oat Milk Bar

Creamy-sweet and vegan-friendly oat milk chocolate from Land 

How to eat it (yes, you really should think about this!)

Enjoying craft chocolate should be a special experience, and it is well worth being mindful to really get the most out of the experience. Using all your senses and taking your time help you get the most out of tasting. After all, chocolate has more than 400 different flavour compounds- more than fine wine! So, here are our top tips for really savouring your bean-to-bar chocolate:

The 7 Steps to Heavenly Taste - how to eat craft chocolate

1. Look at the bar. It should be shiny and glossy. There should be no ‘bloom’ (white streaks) on the surface, and, in most cases, very few air bubbles.

2. Touch the bar – break off a piece. It should make a nice ‘snap’. This shows that the chocolate has been well tempered.

3. Smell the chocolate. Does it smell of nuts, berries, flowers, citrus? What other smells do you notice?

4. Taste the chocolate. Place a piece in your mouth and let it melt. Don't be tempted to chew it! How does it feel? Is it creamy or grainy?

5. Breathe in as the chocolate melts to engage your taste buds and your sense of smell. What do you notice now? You may pick up earthy or spicy scents, fruity or smoky. Or maybe something completely different!

6. Stay with this mindful attitude to notice the ‘finish’ of the chocolate; that is, the taste that lingers in your mouth. Good chocolate will linger meaning you can leave that next piece for awhile longer.

7. Make sure you enjoy it! This slow approach to tasting really suits Craft Bean-To-Bar chocolate, after all, the makers have taken a slower approach to get the bar just right, it would be a shame just to wolf it down without paying attention to its complexities and quality!

Staff favourites (of course, it is our duty to try the chocolate we sell!)

TC loves the multiple award-winning Madagascar Milk from Pump Street Chocolate, which has notes of caramel and treacle and the zesty finish characteristic of Madagascan beans. “It’s impossible to leave a bar unfinished once you start it, and I will only share it with my very favourite people!” he says.

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Mani and Jake want to give a shout out to Bare Bones’ Dominican 68% Salted Dark Drinking Chocolate which has tastes of salted caramel and roasted hazelnuts (yes, we also stock this at USTUDIO!) “This is just the best drinking chocolate I’ve ever tasted!” says Mani. “They grind the Maldon sea salt with the chocolate for 24 hours and it ends up as this yummy intensely chocolatey taste with a savoury hit from the salt, it’s just amazing!” says Jake.

Dominican 68% Salted Dark Drinking Chocolate 250g
Dominican 68% Salted Dark Drinking Chocolate 250g

Dominican 68% Salted Dark Drinking Chocolate 250g


Single origin Dominican Republic 68% dark hot chocolate flakes with taste notes of salted caramel and roasted hazelnuts.

The beautiful Maldon salt is ground smooth within the chocolate for 24 hours and acts as a flavour indicator to bring out the natural sweetness from the cacao. The salt creates the perfect balance of sweet and savoury – making it incredibly complex and moreish.

  • Dark Chocolate Flakes 68% - 250 g
  • Bean - Trintario, Dominican Republic
  • Made in Glasgow
  • Smooth, intensely chocolatey with perfect salt balance to hit that flavour bliss point.
  • Deep chocolate with hints of salted caramel and hazlenut
  • Organic, no additives or emulsifiers
  • May contain trace dairy and nuts
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Anna loves the Land Milk Collection, “6 mini chocolate bars, 3 different types, and all utterly delicious!” she says. “A great gift or a special treat for yourself if you find it hard to choose.”

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Gem loves the Cinnamon Toasted Cocoa Nibs from Chocolarder but in fact rates all of the stores bars so it was difficult to pin it down! “The cinnamon nibs give a delicious crunchy pop and the chocolate is divine.”

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Blog post by Anna for USTUDIO

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