Land Origin-to-Bean Chocolate Bars


    Land started out with the aim of producing quality bean-to-bar chocolate that champions the world’s finest cacao and the people that grow it.

    From humble beginnings, Land have won numerous awards. Still made in London’s East End in an old furniture maker’s workshop, they have a special connection with South and Central America, where the beans are sourced. Their mission today remains the same as when they first started: make the best quality chocolate, but not at the cost of the environment, or to the supply chain.

    Land showcase the array of natural flavour you find in the simple cocoa bean, by using some of the world's finest cacao. They work with similar minded producers to buy the best quality cocoa whilst also providing a living income to the farmers, paying two to three times the fair-trade price. The whole process - from roasting, winnowing, grinding, conching and wrapping of the bar – takes place under the same roof in Bethnal Green.

    Land are a crowd-pleaser that will challenge the most discerning palates.