Bare Bones Chocolate


    Bare Bones Chocolate is a micro-batch, bean to bar chocolate company based in Glasgow. As chocolate and speciality food enthusiasts, they wanted to create a brand that was built on incredible chocolate with impeccable detail through every process. 

    All chocolate is made in their workshop in the centre of Glasgow, in batches of around 30kg at a time. They roast the cacao on a modified Giesen coffee roaster and have engineered some of the equipment from scratch, to get the best possible quality for the small batch sizes.

    The bean to bar process is at the heart of Bare Bones’ chocolate making. The chocolate is handcrafted from a raw cacao bean through to a finished bar. The incredible flavour of the cacao is honoured, unlike in the mass-manufacturing process which is all about low cost and consistency of product.

    The award-winning chocolate is packaged in a simple, minimalist style that compliments the quality of the bar inside. All Bare Bones’ packaging is sourced from inside the UK. They only use packaging that is from recycled sources, which can be recycled or composted after eating. The bars are hand-wrapped in Vegware compostable sheets.

    Bare Bones Chocolate is pure, delicious, and ethical. Just as chocolate should be.