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MicroMacro : Crime City | Deduction Board Game

Much like a giant deduction based 'Where's Wally', MicroMacro gets you scrutinising a massive illustrated isometric city map to try and solve crimes that have taken place all over the city. This is a board game for people who really dislike competitive board games!

There are 16 cases to solve with each case giving a number of clues by way of cards which lead you to various places on the map. The map will feature characters that appear more than once, capturing their antics in both time and location which helps you solve the various crimes. You can use more or less of the card clues to help you determine what happened, so depending on your super sleuth deduction levels it can be easier or harder to win.

  • 1-4 players (2 is best)
  • 15 - 45 mins per case
  • 8+ so great for little Sherlocks
  • Very easy premise - no complex rules here!
  • Map is 75 x 110cm