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Cryptid | Deduction Board Game

Award winning family game, Cryptid is a highly replayable deduction game for 3-5 players on a modular tiled board. Players must try to uncover information about their opponents clues while throwing them off the scent of their own, the winner being the first to deduce the location of the mysterious Cryptid.

The game is lightweight enough to be picked up easily but has an interesting enough mechanic for repeat play. The game includes a modular board, five clue books, and a deck of set-up cards with hundreds of possible set-ups across two difficulty levels.

It is also supported by an entirely optional digital companion, allowing for faster game set-up and a near-infinite range of puzzles

  • 3-5 players (best with 4 players)
  • Great Family Game
  • 30-50 minute play time
  • Age 10+
  • 2020 Palme d'Or for Best Family Game Winner
  • Simple Game Mechanic - easy to pick up