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Canvas | Board Game

Canvas is a perfect entry level board game for 1-5 arty types or anyone looking for a quick to pick up after dinner family game.

The premise is that you are a painter in a competition where you collect elements of a painting to create an artwork. The elements are printed on clear acetate cards so you can overlay them to create a visual art piece and the piece is scored using a system of icons that are hidden or revealed depending on how the art cards are layered.

The game is beautifully presented and an easy one to pick up, even if you are not a board game aficionado. For a 'How To Play' video from the publisher check here.

  • 1-5 players (best with 4)
  • 30 min play time
  • Age 8+ so great for families
  • Winner Best Beginner Game and Prettiest Game Awards in 2022