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Why do we still write journals?

Writing a journal may seem archaic, but studies have shown that getting busy with pen and paper has many benefits to our technology-obsessed, extremely online selves.
Professor James W. Pennebaker and his team at the University of Texas have conducted extensive research on the benefits of journaling.

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How to Recycle Used Candle Pots and Jars

“Help! How do I recycle my used candle pots?” We have had a few customers ask us this question, so we thought it might be useful to write a blog on the best ways to deal with getting leftover wax out and how to reuse the lovely jars and pots afterwards. See below for USTUDIO’s top tips, from vases to pencil pots, and more…

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Bastille perfumes are made of 95% natural ingredients, with 5% clean synthetics and organic wheat alcohol, with no additives, no stabilisers, no UV filters, and no colourant. this makes them gentle on your skin. Bastille are vegan and cruelty-free and contain no hormone disruptors. This makes them good for your soul.

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Take Your Time With Slow Coffee

A good cup of coffee should be simple, right? For lots of us, making that first cup of coffee in the morning is something of a ritual. However complex or simple your method is, making your coffee is time for you. Slow coffee distils the idea of taking time with your coffee and turns it into an art form.

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