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Considered Design

Contemporary Handmade Glass

LSA International is a London-based design studio specialising in contemporary handmade glass. Their ambition is to use skilled craft to create thoughtful, considered designs with intrinsic value.

LSA International are a family business built on a culture of understanding: of craftsmanship and design, of people and products, and of the world around us.

Their design process is inspired by the way people live. A sustainable approach which goes beyond aesthetics and utility to create something considered, something of value.

Over the years, LSA International have been internationally recognised, picking up several design awards.


Janusz Lubkowski co-founded LSA International in 1960s London during a period of cultural and social change. His belief in a diversity of ideas and passion for contemporary design ensured the company thrived.

Janusz's daughter, Monika Lubkowska-Jonas, is LSA's Designer & Creative Director. Through shared experience and values, Monika continues to develop her father’s vision and a culture of understanding that defines the company’s past, present and future.

LSA International's heritage is reflected in the provenance of their products: skilled craftsmen working with the original materials which have always remained in their collection.


Monika works collaboratively with LSA International's team of designers, her vision giving clarity to their aesthetic.

LSA International's process begins with understanding people, purpose and environment. They seek to create products which enhance the simple rituals of daily life.

Designers and makers work collaboratively to translate ideas into reality. Prototypes are made to test different concepts and techniques.

Shapes are refined, proportions balanced and colours selected with meticulous attention to detail to create the finished product.

Traditional Methods, Contemporary Design

Gorgeous Glassware

LSA International believe in using traditional methods to realise original designs. Collaborating with craftsmen for over fifty years allows them to design almost intuitively to the strengths of their materials.

Mouthblown glass offers almost endless potential for transformation. Experience enables LSA International to experiment with different techniques, pushing the boundaries of hand production.

Magic at Work

Skilled Craftmanship

The raw ingredients sand, ash and lime are heated in the kiln until molten. Glassblowers work in teams, with each person responsible for a different element of the process - training for years to perfect their craft.

Once the basic form is blown, the piece is finished by hand while the glass is still hot. One of the most skilled finishing techniques is scissor cutting while the glass is hot to produce a thick, rounded, rim.

For Our Future


LSA International work ethically and transparently with our team and partners to collectively explore more sustainable practices. Progress not perfection: sustainability is a complex issue with many challenges but they are committed to minimising their environmental, social and economic impact.

By designing lasting, considered products LSA International encourage people to make sustainable choices: buying less and owning for longer. A responsible approach to design which aims to create something of value.

Glass as a material is infinitely recyclable. LSA International also use discarded waste material in their recycled glass collections, transforming bottles and jars into useful products.

LSA International | FAQs

LSA International are a homewares company, specialising in mouth-blown, hand-made glass.

LSA International's design studio is based in London, England.

The vast majority of LSA International's products are made in Poland.

LSA International's handmade glass items are made of soda-lime glass. Glass produced using modern machinery is crystalline glass. Both are lead-free.

Yes, all of LSA International's packaging is recyclable