Christmas Gift Guide

Choose from our Christmas Gift Guide featuring gift ideas handpicked from around the USTUDIO store by our experienced and knowledgeable staff. Presents for all budgets and personality types, luxury treats and items that will be used and loved for many years to come - these are our personal favourites and recommendations for your loved ones this Christmas. Highlighting our bestselling brands including Studio Arhoj, Stolen Form's Bristol Brick Vase, Rains, Leuchtturm1917, Rototo socks ,scarves and hats, Earl of East, L:A Bruket. Also introducing newer brands we've added throughout 2023: boutique perfume from Malbrum and Beso Beach, soaps and oils from Pelegrims and Herbowski, headphones by Urbanista and bluetooth speakers by Audio Pro, Komono sunglasses, LSA Glassware, J.Hannah nail polish, plus craft chocolate from Bullion, Svenska Kakao and MIA. Plenty of treats for all, including those hardest to buy for - 'male gifting' we're looking at you!