Alex Monroe Jewellery


    Alex Monroe Jewellery, inspired by nature and nostalgia, is designed and handmade in England by Alex and his expert jewellers. Discover necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets with signature natural details such as bumblebees, hummingbirds, feathers and vines, handcrafted from Sterling Silver and 22ct Gold Plate. This is designer jewellery, ethically made.

    “Alex Monroe Jewellery is synonymous with a very British sense of style – slightly quirky but intended to be worn and loved for a lifetime. Inspired by the natural world, our pieces are delicate, detailed, and always handmade in England.”  says Alex Monroe, Founder and Designer of Alex Monroe Jewellery

    Alex grew up in the 1970’s Suffolk countryside in an old, crumbling house surrounded by wild, tangled nature. He enjoyed a childhood rich with freedom and imagination - roaming through fields, forests and rivers and constantly crafting all sorts of interesting (and sometimes mildly dangerous) tools and inventions to accompany him on his adventures.

    Training at the School of Art, Architecture and Design in London, Alex turned his hand to the craft of jewellery, releasing his first collection in 1987 to critical acclaim. His intention was to produce excellent quality pieces, originally designed, made by hand and well-priced. This was jewellery made to be worn, made to be loved and made to be treasured - values which remain unchanged to this day.

    From strong South-East London roots, Alex Monroe Jewellery is now a much-loved brand world-wide. Each piece is individually designed and handmade in England by Alex and his team of expert jewellers and made as ethically as possible. Their material suppliers in the UK work with Cookson Gold - a part of the Heimerle + Meulle Group. Heimerle + Meulle are a German company specialising in precious metals, 60% of which is recycled, with the other 40% mined in the EU.

    USTUDIO love the iconic Baby Bee Necklace, a beautifully crafted bumblebee, and the Feather Ring and Necklace, all of which we stock in silver or 22ct gold plate. Like all our Alex Monroe Jewellery, they come in a pretty gift box lined with organic bamboo fabric.

    Jewellery that you will treasure for its unique detail, character and craftsmanship.