Simone Frabboni


    Simone Frabboni is an Italian wood craftsman and a truly atypical jeweller. Starting out as a wood restorer and skateboarder, for the past ten years he has been working in contemporary jewellery made from unexpected, sustainable and recycled materials, including skateboard decks and eco-resin, which is produced to make ecological surfboards.

    All his products are handcrafted in his workshop in Italy and little differences in colours, shape or finishing are to be expected, and a sign of the uniqueness of each piece. “Wood has taught me that imperfection is a virtue.” says Simone.

    The materials that he uses also influence his work, designs and final products. Generally, the materials are limited, so the collections are naturally limited editions.

    Ecology is very important in his work and lifestyle, and he is committed to sustainable fashion and design. In Simone’s words “My work is based on handcraft tradition and new ecological materials. My purpose is to be coherent but always moving, able to change, in a mobile equilibrium. Like riding a skateboard teaches. My goal is to live and work lightly, in an ecological way. My products carry this intention and can be seen as symbols of a new ecological sensibility.”

    We really love Simone Frabboni’s Skateboard Stud Earrings. These colourful statement earrings are made from recycled skateboard decks, with surgical steel backs. Quirky and as unique as the skateboard decks themselves, light and comfortable to wear. Totally rad.