Rains Bags & Accessories


Rains are a Danish Outerwear lifestyle brand. their collections blend a conceptual-meets-functional design approach, a strong urban inspiration, and a signature fabric identity: a coated waterproof fabric palette inspired by Rains’ first design – a contemporary reinterpretation of the classic rubber raincoat.

Rains' neo-Scandinavian style and unisex collection of bags and accessories fit really well with USTUDIO's aesthetics and we are pleased to be a stockist of the Rains brand.

Minimalist and Durable

Founded in 2012, Rains have a vision of making rainy days more enjoyable by creating high-quality products that combine functionality and style.

Rains' bags and accessories are unisex and designed to fit the modern lifestyle.

Rains is inspired by Scandinavian design and culture, and uses durable materials and minimalist aesthetics to create timeless pieces that can withstand any weather.

Product Sustainability

Material Innovation

Rains' starting point to product sustainability is found in safety and durability, by developing products that are safe for people and, in the long run, have less impact on the planet.

Rains have specifically chosen PU-coating as its signature, as it is significantly more environmentally friendly than its hormone-disrupting alternatives: PVC and DWR-PFC.

Made to Last


Longevity has shown to be one of the most influential parameters for improving environmental impact.

In other words, the longer a bag lasts, the smaller its annual environmental impact will be.

Rains products are crafted to last; something to mark them out as different in today's throw-away culture.

Rains Bags & Accessories | FAQs

RAINS are a Danish rainwear and lifestyle company.

Founded in 2012, based on an early initiative to interpret the traditional rubber raincoat in a contemporary way, the company has, since its foundation, grown into an accomplished international rainwear brand, with bags and backpacks made of Rains signature fabric.

Each product has a care label. We recommend cleaning your backpack by hand. The recommended method of cleaning by hand is to gently wipe down the surfaces with a damp cloth and mild soap. Avoid machine-washing or using any harsh chemicals to clean the backpack.

All components of Rains products stand confidently under the standards of REACH; the European legislation regulating registrations, evaluations, authorizations and restrictions of chemicals. Together with international testing centres, Rains continually tests the components of products in order to ensure the highest standards of quality control. All individual product specifications can be found in the product descriptions and details section of the product pages.

We do not recommend machine washing Rains products.

Rains Backpacks are water resistant W3 (protection from light rain).

Rains are based in Aarhus, Denmark

Rains maintain a close relationship with their product manufacturers, rainwear specialists based in China. Their suppliers have been an integral part in the development and production of Rains collections since they started in 2012. All of Rains' products are manufactured in factories with more than 15 years of experience in rainwear and performance garments. Rains is proud to partner with professional, ethical factories that produce high-quality products in safe working conditions. The factories are aligned with Rains’ employee standards, including but not exclusive to: secure health insurance, proper working schedules, and clean working environments.