Monokel Eyewear

Retro Style


Monokel Eyewear are a unisex sunglasses label based in Stockholm, Sweden. The brand philosophy stems from a mix of simplicity and functionalism, paired with an endless curiosity for the human mind and its need for creative expression.

Their retro styled sunglasses are hand crafted from premium plant based acetate with excellent quality lenses. The result is a highly durable, hypoallergenic product made from renewable resources.


All of Monokel's sunglasses lenses have been designed and produced by the world renowned Zeiss Corporation. The Zeiss Foundation has been around for 150 years and is a world leader in lens manufacturing for all kinds of applications including camera lenses, microscopes and opthalmic lenses. Needless to say, the lenses in Monokel Eyewear are outstanding quality and are 100% UV protective and in compliance with European, USA, Australian, and New Zealand standards.


Monokel's sunglasses are a premium hand crafted product. The coloured lenses are made by mixing organic color powder or black ink with raw biodegradable cellulose acetate extracted from wood and cotton pulp. The acetate pieces are then rolled in wood pellets, oil and paste for a smooth finish which is fianlly hand-buffed by Monokel's technicians. The screws and hinges are Japanese teflon coated steel for exceptional durability.



Monkel Eyewear is stylish, functional, durable and sustainable using bio or recycled acetate in the frames. It has retro 1970's vintage inspired design with quality colour co-ordinated lenses and frames.

The range is designed to be unisex and suitable for most face sizes and shapes. Each pair comes boxed with protective hard case and cleaning cloth. Perfect for many good times and summers to come.

Monokel Eyewear - FAQs

Monokel Sunglasses are sturdy and well-made with excellent attention to detail. Each pair is hand constructed with quality materials and lenses. Monokel are a premium hand crafted product.

Monokel use recycled acetate in their black frames and cellulose acetate from wood and cotton pulp and organic colour powder on their coloured frames. The lifecycle of the product is designed with sustainability in mind.

Monokel Eyewear is designed to be truly genderless. Anybody can wear Monokel Sunglasses and look great!

Yes. Monokel Eyewear have lenses designed by the world renowned lens manufacturer Carl Zeiss. They are 100% UV protective in compliance EU, USA, Australian and New Zealand standards.

Yes. All Monokel glasses are supplied with a hard protective case and cleaning cloth. They also arrive in a gift box.

Due to the large rectangular shapes on our Monokel Glasses, they should be suitable for most face shapes and sizes. The Nelson style is possibly the most inclusive due to their rounded lenses.

If you do not feel that the sunglasses style is for you then you have 14 days in which to return the order to us for a refund or exchange.