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In the heart of Bristol, a sound revolution is taking place. Minirig Bluetooth speakers, designed and manufactured in this vibrant city, are redefining what we expect from portable audio.

Unlike the loud giants from big-name brands, Minirig focuses on delivering high-fidelity audio in a compact, rugged design. Their motto? "Audiophile sound, built to party."

Audiophile Quality

Forget tinny sound. Minirig boasts exceptional clarity and surprisingly deep bass for a speaker its size.
Reviews highlight the Minirig's decent midrange clarity and good tonal balance, despite its small stature.

These speakers are not only celebrated for their audio performance but also for their build quality and battery life, making them a reliable choice for audio enthusiasts on the go.


Minirigs, a company renowned for its portable speakers, has taken significant strides in adopting an ethical approach to business. With a commitment to sustainability, Minirigs ensures that its impact on the environment is minimized by using recycled and recyclable materials for packaging, avoiding plastic bubble wrap, and opting for Kraft paper stickers. They also incorporate biodegradable plastics in their products, which allows for better decomposition in landfills.

community-driven values

Built to Last

These speakers are built tough, with durable casings and a focus on repairability (a rarity these days!)
If needed, Minirigs do offer a repair service, emphasizing their belief that the planet's well-being is more important than profit. This philosophy extends to their customer service, where they prioritize human interaction, reflecting their community-driven values.

The Minirigs App is a versatile tool designed to enhance the user experience for Minirig speakers. With features such as high and low gain control, mute function, and the ability to rename your device, the app allows for a personalized audio setup.

Users can also manage playback, check battery life, control channel output, and even dim the LED in night mode.

Minirigs speakers are renowned for their pairing capability, which allows users to connect multiple speakers together for an enhanced audio experience. This feature enables the creation of a more immersive sound environment, perfect for gatherings or personal enjoyment. The ease of connecting Minirigs in stereo mode wirelessly adds convenience and flexibility, allowing for a high-quality audio setup that is both portable and user-friendly.

Minirig | FAQs

Minirigs are designed and built in Bristol, UK.

Minirig has been building soundsystems in Bristol since 2000

Yes. For Ios and Android. Downable from the stores.

Yes, as bluetooth Speakers you can link many Minirigs together. Minirig themselves have had 80 linked together!

You must check the charging current requirement on your Minirig product against the current rating of your USB power supply. However, most modern phone chargers are more than adequate for all Minirig products.

It is fine to use the Minirig while it is on charge however we do not recommend leaving it permanently connected to a power supply.