Malbrum Perfume

Unique and Alluring

Artisanal Perfume

Malbrum are a Norwegian artisanal and niche perfume brand that's both edgy and seductive. Founded by Kristian and working with Master Perfumier Delphine Thierry, the brand create enticing fragrance collections built around the idea of charisma and contradiction. They seek out obscure and unusual ingredients to create their unique, alluring scents.

Perfume to Move You

Malbrum's choice of ingredients is based on the feelings they inspire and also their longevity on the skin- Malbrum Perfume doesn't just fade away and evaporate after a few hours like so many others do.

In Kristian's words, Malbrum should leave you "In a blissful state of mind, enveloped by an aura of magnetic attraction," and we would agree that the scents really are heavenly.

Inside and Out Unisex

Malbrum Perfume is unisex so you are invited to go with exactly the fragrance that appeals to you, rather than being channelled towards a specific set of products.

Their illustrated bottles are quirky and beautiful and will look great on your bathroom shelf or dressing table.

Natural Molecules

About the Founder

Kristian worked for Carlsberg breweries, where he learned how to produce beer, soda, and most importantly water with natural blueberry taste.

The discovery of the blueberry water and its chemical composition led him to the global suppliers of natural molecules, which are also used in perfumery.

He developed a vision to establish a company with a focus on the quality aspects of perfume, namely the longevity and choice of ingredients.

Kristian spent his adult life travelling across the world to gain expertise in sourcing highest quality of essential oils, wood extracts, absolutes and molecules.

Malbrum | Norwegian Boutique Perfume | FAQs

Malbrum is a Norwegian artisanal, niche perfume brand.

No, all of Malbrum's perfumes are unisex

The brand was founded in 2014.

The Malbrum collection is small but perfectly formed, currently having 6 boutique perfumes.

Malbrum Perfumes are based in Oslo, Norway.