Macon & Lesquoy


    Created in 2009 by Marie Macon and Anne-Laure Lesquoy, the French brand Macon&Lesquoy make beautiful embroidered patches and jewellery. Their collections are influenced by the trips they have made together - from Russia to Japan, from Rwanda to Detroit and Pondicherry, the colours and encounters have given them some truly original ideas. Unusual, funny, sometimes whimsical and always poetic, the brand blends the beautiful and the cool for a unique pop-culture style.

    The Cannetilla jewellery-making technique used by Macon&Lesquoy requires a special metal thread, called bullion thread, to be very finely wound in a spiral, cut to the desired length, and then embroidered like beads. Macon&Lesquoy have a dedicated workshop in Pakistan where their embroidered Cannetilla jewellery is made. Sixty embroiderers work there exclusively, full time, under social and safety conditions imposed, enforced and regularly monitored by the two designers.

    Macon&Lesquoy also work with machine embroiderers in Portugal, the European textile capital. Macon&Lesquoy have chosen to entrust the manufacture of their patches to Luis' small, friendly factory, which is reactive and very open to experimentation. This company has all the textile standards that Europe imposes and is regularly audited.

    Macon&Lesquoy patches and jewellery are a wonderful combination of great design and real craftsmanship. Ghetto Blasters, Skulls, High-Tops, Rainbows, Flaming Guitars and many more, all beautifully hand-crafted.