Lo Studio


    Lo Studio produce exceptional candles. Their oils are distilled to a greater concentration than standard, forming a liquid resin which is then mixed with the candle wax producing a highly fragrant and long-lasting candle. The fragrance from these candles really does fill a room, and lasts for many hours once the candle is extinguished.

    Lo Studio products are vegan, cruelty-free, and contain no fragrance enhancing chemicals. Their Handwash contains natural pumice stone, not plastic exfoliating granules. There are no surfactants or colouring. Lo Studio Hand Cream is made with aloe vera and sea buckthorn. Unlike other brands, no palm oil is used. Their Room Sprays contain no artificial colouring, and no fragrance boosting chemicals.

    Lo Studio candles use 100% natural non-GM vegetable wax which is fully sustainable, fully traceable and replenishable.  All candles are hand poured in UK by chandlers, not machines, and produced in small batches for freshness.

    The candle glass includes 20% of recycled glass and lids are 80% recycled steel. Lo Studio boxes use 80% recycled paper.