House Doctor


    House Doctor is a family-owned design company brought to life based on a desire to inspire and help people create their own unique spaces. They do this by designing products that bring balance, simplicity and authenticity into people’s homes.

     The ability to mix rather than match is the strength of House Doctor. Whether an item has a hint of something minimalist, retro or industrial, it can be combined with the rest of their items in an eclectic and personal look.

     Their vision is that details matter and so should every single product in your home. You will find these details in a glaze with blisters, in the handmade patterns or in the organic and voluminous shape of a vase. Rather than making their items stand out with eye-grabbing colours, they seek to give each design subtle yet intriguing detailing that surprises and delights. Essentially being more than beautiful products – they create a feeling. 

    With aesthetics rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition, House Doctor’s product range is designed with items that make it easy for you to create a wonderful home with room for living.