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Gomi was created with a clear sense of purpose - To make beautiful products that last.
Their design philosophy is that tech shouldn’t become obsolete. Instead, they design for circular lifespans. Waste plastics and second-life batteries form the building blocks. Modular design allows them to fix what might otherwise have been thrown away.


The Gomi studio is based in the heart of the Brighton Lanes. It’s where their team of designers and sound technicians work side-by-side to create the designer speakers by hand. Hand-crafted from ‘non-recyclable’ waste plastics, powered by second-life lithium batteries and you have one truly earth-friendly power bank— powered by waste.

300 million kilograms


The equivalent of 44 plastic bags go into making each Gomi speaker. That’s a lot of plastic saved from landfill.

Every year the UK alone throws away 300 million kilograms of flexible plastics. This includes shopping bags, bubble-wrap, and industrial packaging; all of which which have been deemed ‘non-recyclable’ by UK councils. At Gomi, they recycle these flexible plastics, turning them into a raw material which is aesthetically unique.


The heftiest carbon footprint from our daily lives comes from the ‘things’ we buy. All the resources, energy and transportation that have gone into making something accessible to us is usually unknown or unavailable.

The Technology industry at large is at fault. Much like most industries, they present high concern in terms of resources, energy use, carbon footprint, and of course, e-waste.
Mobile phone data alone tells us there are more than 6.5 billion smartphones in circulation around the world and at least 1.2 billion tablet devices. Most of which will end up in some landfill or dumpsite. Gomi believes It is time to put an end to tech obsolescence. The industry is in need of a mindset shift — a move towards a circular economy. Especially if we hope to reduce technology’s environmental impact and future-proof the industry.

Over time, things naturally need repairing. As part of Gomi's commitment to reducing waste, they offer a repairs service for all Gomi owners. The best part is that thier modular design allows them to fix the part of your product that needs attention easily, preventing unnecessary waste going to landfill. They will fix anything within the 2 year warranty for free. With gomi for life - fighting obsolescence, one fix at a time.dd images for emphasis.


Gomi takes healthy batteries from damaged e-bikes and uses them to power their products, why? Well, because batteries present ethical problems for even the most responsible tech companies. They are difficult to recycle, meaning that the vast majority of them end up in landfill. On top of this, mining for new lithium often takes place under poor conditions for workers, presenting serious humanitarian issues.

That's why Gomi has chosen to do things differently, they take perfectly healthy lithium batteries from damaged e-bikes and give them a fresh start. By doing this, they are taking batteries that might have ended up in landfill, and prevent the need for creating new ones in the process.

First, they source retired battery packs from e-bike manufacturers and harvest the lithium cells. The battery cells within these are healthy, but the cost of repairing the damaged packs makes it cheaper for these companies to buy new ones. They test the cells in their uk studio to check that they’re in perfect working order. And then finally, combine the cells to create the battery packs which power the speakers for an impressive 30+ hours of play-time at normal listening volumes.


Having done vigorous quality checking and testing to ensure that the batteries we use are absolutely reliable and work as well as a normal battery should.

Gomi has decided to use second-life batteries for many reasons, the main two being humanitarian and environmental reasons.

There are humanitarian and environmental issues around the materials used to make lithium-ion batteries. Especially around cobalt and lithium. After thorough research and testing, we found out that many modern mobility vehicles, such as e-bikes, have completely working batteries at the end of the life of the e-bike. They have to be put out of service due to issues with circuit boards or them coming to a fixed ‘3 year period’ where they have to replace a fleet according to contracts.

Through rigorous testing, they have been able to use these batteries and ensure they have a capacity comparible to brand-new cells and are proud to say that they have been able to safely reuse and certify lithium cells from old mobility vehicles and incorporate them into all gomi products while passing the most vigorous lithium battery standards with flying colours.

Gomi have teamed up with world-renowned sound engineers to fine-tune thier speakers. they are confident that the speakers sound just as good as the top tier speakers in the market, whilst having a truly unique design and being made from highly sustainable materials.

The Gomi Power Bank will fully recharge in less than 4 hours when using a standard 18W USB-C power source

The Gomi Power Bank is designed to be easy to repair in the event that it becomes damaged, or to upgrade after many years of use. The battery cells can quickly be replaced and refreshed if this should ever be needed.

Yes. Both the USB-A and the USB-C ports can be used at the same time to charge two different devices. The USB-C port is also used to connect the charger to a power source to charge it after use.