Ghost Outdoors


    When you build gear to last in the Australian outback, you’re really building gear to last. Forever. Ghost Outdoors started in Perth, Western Australia with a simple mission. To make cool outdoor gear inspired by Australian-style adventuring, cutting loose and breaking free.

    Every product is refined to fit as beautifully in your studio apartment as your shambolic weekend adventures. They specify the highest quality hardware and materials to withstand the sun, dirt, rain and clumsy handling of their products’ owners.

    Inspired by the Australian palette, landscape and style, their products have an Australian attitude — they are simple, practical and don’t take themselves too seriously. We love their carry-on hammocks; like a snooze in your pocket, they can go with you anywhere. The size of a king brown and the weight of a small marsupial, the hammock stuffs into the attached pouch, which doubles as a beer, wine or green smoothie holder for the juice cleanse you’ll never go on.