CRA-YON | Swedish Fragrance


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    Swedish brand CRA-YON create non-gendered, lightweight and playful fragrances, designed to be applied casually for everyday use rather than heavy statement scents for evening or special occasions.

    Their mission is to make fragrance relevant and fun. A good scent has an amazing ability to empower you at any given time and situation. They aim to create the perfect scent wardrobe that matches your social calendar. The perfect confidence builders for work, play and love. Meet the first of the everyday essentials in the growing CRA-YON scent wardrobe.

    CRA-YON are 100% vegan and cruelty free. Their team has been creating award winning perfumes for over 12 years in the luxury perfume business. Their focus lies on perfecting the art of perfume making without compromise when it comes to ingredients. They have stripped down all excessive elements often used in luxury packaging in order to offer a sustainable and refined packaging design without breaking the bank. For example: No overpriced extravagant caps. Just great scents.