Bonne Maison Socks


    Bonne Maison make truly beautiful socks. Founder Béatrice de Crécy has been telling stories with socks since 2012. Every season, she creates new stories in colour and pattern.

    These lovely socks can feature all manner of landscapes, flowers, animals, fish and fireflies. Béatrice loves the idea of using the sock as a canvas to create her beautiful stories and letting her imagination run riot!

    Bonne Maison use a double thread Egyptian cotton which is perfectly round and smooth thanks to its high-quality raw material. It is spun with a special technique that ensures the elimination of all short fibres in the material, thus preventing the pilling of the cotton once knitted, making it smooth, soft, matt and strong. Their colours are created with care and the threads are dyed in Italy.

    Thanks to the know-how of a French manufacturer, they have created an excellent quality sock, with a thin and elegant finish and a stitchless, strengthened toe. They have worked with their manufacturer to invest in thin gauge knitting machines, allowing them to manufacture 80% of their socks in France, and the remaining 20% in Europe.

    Bonne Maison bring a gorgeous, quirky character to their socks. Guaranteed to give you happy feet!