Bjork & Berries


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    Björk and Berries began as a small local project in northern Sweden with the desire to preserve the magic of nature, its beauty, scents and healing properties. They took to the woods to handpick leaves and berries to capture the essence of the Swedish flora in their first natural perfume and with that, set the foundation for what Björk and Berries is today.

    In developing their products, Björk and Berries use the best that nature has to offer and through the latest technology, transform it into luxurious formulas where texture, scent and performance are all equally important. All their products are made in Sweden according to their Ecoluxury Criteria – kind to skin, people, animals and nature.

    Björk, the Swedish word for Birch, also known as the life-giving tree, is Björk and Berries signature ingredient and a symbol of their unique approach, which also involves sourcing other potent ingredients like sea buckthorn and blueberries.

    Björk and Berries research ingredients that have been used traditionally in Sweden for centuries. They source as much as they can locally and aim to preserve the prevalence of the Nordic flora. They always strive to use a minimal amount of ingredients, but with maximum effect. For example, their Eau de Parfums are all vegan and made of organic fermented alcohol made from waste of vegetable extracts from the food industry – like sugarbeets.