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Anni Lu was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2013 by creative director and designer Helle Vestergaard Poulsen.

A brand that captures the essence of personal style through its unique and playful jewellery designs. the brand offers a range of handcrafted beaded bracelets and necklaces that embody a free-spirited and tropical aesthetic.

creative force

Anni Lu's founder is Helle Vestergaard Poulsen who is the creative force behind the Danish jewellery brand. Always having a special eye for fine and delicious designs which are unpretentious and trendy.

The name Anni Lu has a very personal meaning to Helle, as the name being an amalgamation of her mother's name, Anni and her daughters name, Luella.

brighten your day

Anni Lu believes that jewellery should be fun, playful and not taken too seriously. Their jewellery is delicate, colourful and easy to mix and match with hints of the ocean waves and travels to distant beaches - a paradise life of sun, surf and care free adventure. With a focus on colourful palettes and stackable designs, Anni Lu's jewellery is perfect for adding a touch of beach chic and personal expression to any outfit.

Anni Lu believes in being considerate and aware to both people and the environment throughout thier business. The Three P's - Anni Lu Principles, stand for a better and more responsible future


Anni Lu wants to create a healthy, fun, inspiring and meaningful community for everybody in and around themselves. Always treating others with fairness and respect - other behaviour is not tolerated and they ensure compliance with all health and safety laws


Their production follows the SMETA auditing program, which secures a high labour standard, health and safety, environment and business ethics – including no child labour. They test all materials to make sure they do not contain hazardous metals or chemicals and also support local charities in Bali and Kenya securing labour for women.


Anni Lu only makes carefully handmade jewellery and strives to make jewellery which will last for years, if they are taken care of. Every season, they make upcycled pieces of jewelleryand are constantly working to improve their freight and distribution to emit as little co2 as possible.

Anni Lu | FAQs

Anni Lu is a Danish designer jewellery brand founded in 2013 by Helle Vestergaard Poulsen.

The designer, Helle Vestergaard Poulsen, draws inspiration from her travels and love of colour. The brand offers a free-spirited and bohemian aesthetic.

Anni Lu is known for their stackable beaded bracelets and necklaces, but they also offer earrings, rings, and anklets.

To keep your jewellery looking its best, it's recommended to avoid contact with water, chemicals, and cosmetics. Avoid wearing it while sleeping or exercising. Store your pieces in a dry place when not in use.

Yes, Anni Lu is committed to sustainability. They use upcycled materials in some of their collections and are constantly working to reduce their carbon footprint throughout the production process.