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    Tangent GC products are natural and organic, and they have been from the outset. The natural aspect was important, not only in order to avoid harmful chemicals, but as a mean to raise the overall product quality. Tangent GC skin care products are organic and vegan, cruelty and fossil free, and sustainably produced and packaged. This means:

    The plants used have been grown organically, without pesticides and chemical fertilizers. We are determined not to add unnecessary toxins to the soil or to the overfertilization of our seas.

    Tangent have excluded all animal contents in their products, for example animal fats and waxes, lanolin or beeswax, which are commonly used in skincare products.

    Tangent GC products are fossil free which means that they don’t use any petroleum or derivates from petroleum. Their products never have been tested on animals. And they never will be.

    All Tangent’s products are produced close to home, in Sweden and neighbouring European countries. This way they cut lots of emission from transportation. All their bottles are made of bioplastic, a plastic made of plants instead of oil. It binds more CO₂ than it releases viewed over the product’s life cycle. All their tubes are made of aluminium, a lightweight metal that can be recycled forever with maintained product quality.