Kreafunk is a Danish tech brand for real people, living real lives. They believe that the everyday should be celebrated in small ways, so they make beautiful audio products that are easy to use by anyone, to brighten up the everyday for you!

    The name Kreafunk comes from the words "creative" and "functionality". In fact, it all started with two friends getting irritated at speakers with wires that were always in the way. This was the starting point for the first Kreafunk product: a shelf with a built-in speaker and docking station.

    That was back in 2011 and a lot has happened since then. For example, most speakers don't have wires anymore. But their vision remains the same: making everyday life easier through the power of sound.

    For those who really know how to tune in on the good things in life and celebrate the small things that make life extraordinary. Kreafunk is made for every moment. Big or small.

    From now on, all Kreafunk products will be made from 99% recycled plastic.

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