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Hasami Porcelain

Extra Small Bowl Black 85x55 mm

Small black bowl, 85 x 55 mm.

The beauty of HASAMI PORCELAIN lies in its distinct natural feel, craftsmanship and modern Japanese aesthetics. The porcelain is made in Hasami, Japan by skilled craftsmen. The organic nature of the production process means there are slight variances in colour and texture which adds to the beauty and personality of the product.

HASAMI PORCELAIN masters both multifunctionality and practicality in its design. Many of the products are versatile in function such as the plates, which can also be used as trays or as lids. The shapes and sizes of all mugs, bowls, lids and accessories are designed and made to perfection,  and are stackable for ease of serving foods and for efficient storage.

The matte finish of the black porcelain adds to the organic touch and really serves as a complement to food and drinks. 

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