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'Fever Pitch' Card Game

It’s a funny old game. Just like FOOTBALL. Except you can play it in your living room. Or anywhere else. The basics are EASY. Your team tries to build up an attack by laying combinations of PASS and DRIBBLE cards. Every time you play a card, however, you could see a TACKLE card flying in from your opponent! Expect dubious REF decisions, penalties, 30-yard strikes, WONDER GOALS, near misses and spectacular SAVES!

Each card played takes a minute off the clock. The next goal could be the WINNER; tension is mounting to a... FEVER PITCH!!

The game is split into 2 packs with a basic intro version to show the basics and then a pro version that adds the wildcards and doubles the content.

Concept and game mechanics by TC at USTUDIO with artwork from Joren Joshua.

Playing time approx 10 mins per game and suitable for ages 8 and up.