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Bangkok Local

This beautiful book features 70 recipes of the dishes that define Bangkok, so you can capture the city’s aromatic magic in your own kitchen. Of course, you’ll find the best green curry and pad Thai of your life in this dynamic city. It has three sections marked for Early, Mid and Late. From the Early chapter, for example, you can whip up some Son-in-law eggs (Khai luk kheuy), Fried taro cake (Khanom peuak tod), Fried bananas (Gluay tod) or Sweet mung bean dumplings (Khanom tua paep). And that’s just the very beginning of your day.

  • Hardback, 224 pages
  • Author: Sareen Rojanametin and Jean Thamthanakorn
  • Size: 244 mm × 193 mm

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